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About Me

My life has been a healing and awakening journey. By the time my elders immigrated here from China, they had already experienced spiritual fragmentation as a result of colonization, civil war, poverty, famine, political extremism, and uprooting from homeland which I inherited. In my mid-20s after being prescribed an antidepressant, I was hospitalized for a mental health crisis. I was given additional medications and offered only colonized forms of therapy which did not address my underlying trauma. I experienced insomnia, panic attacks, and other physiological symptoms due to the accumulation of unprocessed trauma over generations.


My spiritual awakening was facilitated by decolonizing therapists, shamans, and other healers. I elicited stories from family members who survived war and destitution, which they had been too humble to share with me. I reindigenized my relationship with Mother Earth through ancestral spirituality, bodywork, plant medicine, farming, healing in community through art, music, and movement, and rebirthing my soul through grief, dream, inner child, and shadow work.


Humans continue to colonize nature without seeing that we are a part of it. It is time to transmute our pain into collective consciousness so we can live in harmony with all the other beings that we depend on for our existence and who are our family. My offerings are simple: I grow plant starts for people to reconnect with the Earth, create natural products for people to care for their bodies, and offer trauma-informed coaching to guide people towards wellness.

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