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Collective Healing

Updated: Jan 31

We have come to a point in evolution where we must heal our collective trauma in order to survive as a species. To do this, we must learn to witness the pain of our enemies instead of fighting it. Our enemy is only an enemy because they mirror back a part of us that is in need of healing. For example, you may hate white people, but instead try to see that their pain comes from a karmic cycle of violence perpetrated through the bodies of their ancestors who inflicted the persecution they experienced in Europe on indigenous people. Your hatred of them comes from the wounding of colonization and forced diaspora which requires healing as well. If we engage in war, we feed the collective human ego owned by the technocorporate state, but if we transcend differences and see all humans need healing we become a much-needed conduit for nature’s consciousness.

About 600,000 years ago, our human ancestors split from Africa into Eurasia via two distinct groups, the Neanderthals who headed West and the Denisovans who headed East (Zimmer, 2020). Homo sapiens interbred with homo neanderthalensis at least once and denisova hominins at least twice both of which became extinct, but play an important role in the composition of our modern genetic diversity (Hodson, 2018). Only within the last 60,000 years did our different physical features evolve as we adapted to various environments (Dorey, 2020). Our bodies know we are family and carry the deep intuition required to reconnect us to each other.

Social media has fragmented our consciousness into a collective schizophrenia in such a way that we have lost our ability to connect with our true selves let alone each other. Dissociated from our bodies, we desperately search for peace externally and become further enslaved by the technocratic oligarchy. By continuing to participate in a system that exploits the natural resources on which we depend, we are gradually destroying our animal, plant, fungal, and bacterial family members as well.

Good and evil are ego constructs, both darkness and light must be met with respect. By becoming conscious of our pain, we allow it to transmute into love.


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